L-59 Albatros from modeller`s view

Preceding type - L-39 ZA for Thailand


In early fifties a new aircraft factory AERO has been built at Vodochody, a small village north of Prague. This factory is known not only through the licence production of the Soviet fighters MiG-15, MiG-19 and MiG-21, but mainly through production of Czechoslovak origin jet trainers L-29 Delfin and L-39 Albatros.Total production reached 3568 pieces of L-29 and 2844 pieces of L-39 in several versions.The latest version of them is the plane originally called L-39 MS, now known as L-59.
The main improvments in comparasion with the preceding L-39 type:

-reinforced fuselage
-longer nose
-more poweful turbofan
-enlarged tip tanks
-option of four external fuel drop tanks
-new seats VS-2
-automatic checking and diagnostical system
-apward-opening hydraulically actuated conopy
-modernised cockpit instrumentation, incl. HUD
-performance-maximum horizontal speed and maximum rate of climb
-flying qalities-manoeuvrability in turns and the like

L-59 on runway
The 0002 is now in service in Slovak AF

All effort is presently directed to L-159 ALCA, the new multi-role succesor of the L-59. Although externally similar to its predecessors it has a new avionics including the FIAR Grifo-L multi-mode pulse Doppler radar in a longer nose part of a fuselage. Two-seat trainer prototype L-159T is flying. The Czech Ministry of Defence has pladged to purchase a minimum of 72 aircraft.


On July 2, 1992 the 1st Aviation School Regiment at Prerov - Bochor AFB recived its first examples of the new L-59 (L-39 MS in CzAF service). Czechoslovak AF recived five planes L-39 MS from 1991 to 1992. Czechoslovakia divided into Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. The same did planes of the former CzAF. The rest of Czech AF L-39 MS Albatros belongs into inventory of the 341st Training Flight of the 34th School AFB at Pardubice (0004, 0005 and 0006). The L-39 MS flying in Czech national colours (preproduction 0001) suffered structual damage, declared beyond economical repair, in a heavy landing.
Two formely Czechoslovak L-39MS (0002 and 0003) are part of Slovak AF.
Delivers to another customer -Egypt-in version L-59E began in 1993. Total production for Egypt is 48 L-59Es (25 in 1993 and 23 in 1994).
Production L-59T to Tunisia began in 1995 (6 planes) and finished in 1996 (6 planes).

L-59T before delivery to customer